Monday, January 2, 2012

day 2 :: 365

we went to the park today and froze our butts off... alas, the kids were able to burn off a little energy. much needed.


camera settings...

:: aperture priority (Av on canon)... i chose this because i wanted to bump my aperture up a little (f/2.5). i was outside, so i knew my shutter speed would already be high (1/2500). with the movement of the swing, it is hard to nail your focal point... so that is why i bumped my aperture a little bit, to give more depth of field (the higher your aperture, the higher your depth of field).
:: 1/2500 (shutter speed)
:: f/2.5 (aperture)
:: ISO 100

lens used... 50mm f/1.4

cs4 processing...

1 :: ran skittles junk food action by otss
2 :: bumped my blue saturation to 40 to bring back some of the sky
3 :: ran slight lighten by pioneer woman, set one at 50% opacity to brighten it a bit more
4 :: ran slight sharpen by pioneer woman, set one

and here is the sooc* for comparison sake... a bit underexposed for me.


*straight out of camera


  1. random question... your thumbnail isn't showing in my sidebar with the others... any idea why? :) 

  2. hmmm not sure. i wonder if it is because i don't upload my pictures to blogger? instead, i link from flickr. do you know if my fam blog shows up with an image?

  3. Love the comp here! Such a great smile <3

  4. p.s Love that you're posting the camera setting and editing details!!

  5. Thx. That's probably why... I don't use images on my regular blog list - it's too long ;)

  6. I love her hair flying in the air!! Big difference between the edited and original pic. I like to see the difference.

  7. My new camera is the Sony SLT a55V - lovin' it so far, except that everything written in tutorials is for Canons and Nikons ;) I'm a nerdy manual reader, so I think I'll be fine.

  8. Great picture, beautiful smile!!!!

  9. o, the giddy bliss on her face and that hair...heaven. well done, mama. well done.

  10. Michelle HelferichJanuary 2, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    You sure did capture the joy of swinging on her face!

  11. yeah. i limit mine to only show the 5 most recent updates at the top, so it works. :)

  12. I love that you post your settings and editing details also!  Wonderful photo!


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