Tuesday, January 10, 2012

day 10 :: 365

a day in the life... of a pajama pant boy. it was pajama day at school today... a class reward for good behavior.

oh wait... the focus here is on baseball. my boy loves him some baseball. and his momma loves her some sun flare.

1/500 at f/2.2, ISO 100, 50mm (Lightroom PH B&W beach preset)

tip: when shooting with sunny skies, at sunrise or sunset... shoot into the sun. you want the sun behind your subject... this will create an awesome sun flare.


  1. hahaha - I did fake flare today!

  2. Great picture!!  He's so darned cute PJ's and all!!!

  3. Wow he looks so much older in this picture! I know he and Kayla are about the same age..can't get over the difference!

  4. lol he is a big dude. 85 lbs and about 55 inches, if not more since summer. lol.


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