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  1. Hello!
    I love reading your blog and viewing the gorgeous pictures of your family. We found out in April that our baby girl who is due in September has DS. This will be our third (and final) baby. I have good days and bad days. On my bad days I think about how I don't want this to be my journey. On good days, I think about how I truly believe that we may be the lucky ones.
    I find comfort in all the wonderful blogs online, including yours, and hope that someday, I will be one of those proud Mommy's who is overcome with joy and love for this unexpected blessing.
    Thank you for your words of: We would experience the pain of Payton's diagnosis a million times over to experience the love and happiness that she has brought to our lives.
    I really needed to hear that today.

    God Bless you and your family!


i got no shame... i love reading your comments... anyone who says they don't care about comments is lying... so let's hear it... muah!